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interface for wellness and spiritual growth

Scott Bennion
Chaplain, Coach, Mentor  |  Spiritual Care Practitioner

Lisa Rose
Health & Wellness Practitioner  |  Yoga Instructor

What is InterFace?

  • Do you ever sense that you may be hiding from yourself?
  • Do you struggle to relate with or connect with others, like you’re playing games.
  • Do you feel like life is living you and that love, peace, and joy are often just beyond your reach?

InterFace can help you discover yourself, honestly look at how and where you play games with others, and explore the longings of your heart and soul. Read more…

How is InterFace Unique?

  • Are you tired of a one size-fits-all approach to health and wellness?
  • Are you interested in a more personalized approach to your own care?

InterFace believes it is possible to live authentically by having crucial conversations with oneself, others, and the Divine. Whether it is personal coaching, relationship mentoring, or spiritual guidance, we take a unique approach to your wellbeing on your journey of self-discovery. We see all experiences as opportunities for transformation. Read more…

Improve Your Life Today!

We will help you in every way possible to …

  • Feel empowered to create the life you have always wanted.
  • See yourself and others with new eyes.
  • Find added meaning in all areas of your life.
  • Make your dreams your reality.

We see our journey together as a sacred trust. We will travel the path with you as soul friends, through both the hills and valleys, whether or not the path is rough or smooth. Read more…

compassionate communcation

Deeper Connections

Sanctus Touch

Compassionate Communication

Bring the spirit of compassionate connection into all of your relationships. Learn to express yourself with authenticity and listen deeply with empathy. Learn more…

Freedom through Intimacy

Do you long for community but find that the frenzied pace of life makes it hard to connect with others in a meaningful way? Live authentically with others. Learn how…

Sanctus Touch

An experience of unconditional love and healing, Sanctus was inspired through a beautiful experience the founders of InterFace had while on a silent retreat. Read more…

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