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Scott Bennion, MDiv

Scott Bennion, whole health coachScott Bennion is a Shepherd of the Soul, who sees life’s transitions as opportunities for transformation. He is a board certified clinical chaplain, spiritual companion and counselor, and a health and wellness coach. He is also an endorsed and ordained minister. In 1992, while serving in the military, Scott was introduced to chaplaincy—the art of deep listening and being a calm and compassionate presence for people with various personal and spiritual needs, regardless of their religious affiliation. Since then he’s worked in both public and private sectors as a chaplain, serving people from a variety of spiritual backgrounds as well as those who claim no particular spiritual path. Scott currently serves our country’s veterans as a chaplain at the VA Medical Center. He is a lover of people, living simply, and roads less traveled.

Lisa Rose, RN

lisa roseLisa Rose is a Midwife of the Soul—a holistic companion who provides education, guidance, support, and compassionate care. She is a registered nurse, certified end-of-life doula, health and wellness mentor, and spiritual companion. She values simple living and encourages others to approach life in a way that is balanced and that facilitates ultimate wellness.

Lisa’s calling expresses itself in her daily life through her profession as a hospice nurse, her vocation as an end-of-life doula, and through her yoga practice on the mat as well as off the mat.

The Faces Behind Interface

Scott Bennion, Lisa RoseScott and Lisa bring their combined clinical experience in palliative care, hospice, and hospital settings as well as their innate ability to connect with others to the realm of health and wellness. Their services include coaching/mentoring and spiritual counseling and guidance. This expresses itself in Scott’s work with individuals and those in relationship as well as the courses and workshops Scott and Lisa facilitate/teach together. Their work together aligns well with Lisa’s passion and gift for teaching. Everything they do flows from their relationship as spiritual partners and how they embrace all of life as a spiritual practice.

As co-founders of Interface 4 Wellness, they are dedicated to helping people discover awakened living through the facilitation of crucial conversations with themselves, others, nature, and the Divine. Together Scott and Lisa stand alongside individuals and those in relationship (e.g. families, romantic, work, etc.) in their journey of self-discovery and ultimate wellness, creating and providing safe places for healing, growth, and transformation to occur.

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