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Our Spiritual Affirmation

We are practitioners of perennial wisdom and inter-spirituality. For us, religions are like language and no language is more true than another. From this perspective, the more languages one knows the better. In matters of the spirit we aim to know multiple languages, Judaism, Christianity, and a Course in Miracles being a few we are most familiar with. We have a deep desire to learn from all wisdom teachers and have a particular affinity for the way of Jesus. It is our desire to support all faith traditions, spiritual paths, cultures, and lifestyles while not promoting any specific one.

The four-fold teaching of perennial wisdom that we embrace is at the mystic heart of all religion and spirituality. It can be articulated as follows:

  1. All life is a manifestation of a singular reality called by many names …
    (God/Goddess, Allah, Yahweh, Father/Mother, Brahmin, Krishna, Christ Consciousness, Beloved, Higher Power, Non-dual, One, Reality, Source, Energy, the Tao, Muse, Mystery, Great Spirit, Mother Earth—Nature, Love, etc.)
  2. We all have an inner capacity to know ourselves, all beings, and the natural realm as part of this reality and never apart from it.
  3. Knowing our interdependence with all beings and to the Earth community gives us an ecological and holistic outlook which awakens us to an ethic of justice and love for everything.
  4. Knowing this reality and living this ethic is our highest calling. It informs all our relationships and how we occupy the greater web of life.

This life requires a shift in consciousness and that we reclaim and embody our orginial wholeness. It is the key to healing, growth, and the awakening of the global mind (global consciousness). When we live from this reality it evokes a remembrance of who we are and prepares us to enter the journey of transformation, where we are able to see, maybe for the first time, the pattern of birth, death, and rebirth in all things. It is from here that we experience true meaning, inner peace, and the interconnectedness of all things. To not live from the reality of Love is to live from a reality of fear where we experience despondency, division/separation, and suffering.

A Note for the Spiritually Curious:
Spiritual guidance, sometimes referred to as spiritual direction or spiritual companioning, is when you allow us to accompany you on your spiritual journey as a soul friend. We companion with you as you attempt to deepen your relationship with a power greater than all of us and/or as you learn and grow in your own personal spirituality. Our role in providing spiritual guidance is to help you see and discover the wisdom that already resides around you and within you. It is our hope that from this place you’ll live an inspired life.

Let us know if this is something that would be helpful to you on your spiritual journey.
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