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Getting In Touch With The Voice Within

Getting in Touch with the Voice Within

Recently, Scott and I had the opportunity to share a message with our friends at the Center of Universal Light in Cottonwood, AZ. The title was “Getting in Touch with the Voice Within.” One of the foundational principles that we embrace and seek to share with others is viewing all of life as our spiritual practice. Today we talked about a common block that we have to connecting to and hearing our Inner Guide or Inner Wisdom. Some may call this the Higher Self or the Holy Spirit. The block we spoke about is the aversion to being with our pain.

I recently had an experience at work that stirred up one of my deepest fears, the fear of being rejected. Rather than running, avoiding, coping with food, alcohol, distracting myself, blaming, finding others to collude and agree with me about how “wrong” the other was — I made the conscious decision to stay in the fire. I invited my Highest Self in and surrendered. I chose to lean into my pain and feel it fully. I consciously held all the players on the stage of my life in this current scene with gratitude. I thanked them for being my spiritual partners and for playing their roles so well by poking my wounds and deepest fears. It is only when these unconscious parts are triggered and rise to the surface of our awareness that we have the opportunity to free ourselves. Staying in the fire of our own pain is a gateway to freedom and transformation.

The outcome of this decision has caused a dramatic shift within me. I realized in the process that the validation, acceptance, and approval I’ve spent a lifetime seeking outside myself is a gift I must give to me. The abandonment and rejection that I’ve so feared, at its root comes back to me. I recognize there is a mirror that is reflecting back to me all the ways I have rejected and abandoned myself. I’ve reclaimed something deep within my soul. I notice that the person I am today is different than the one who walked on this earth a few weeks ago. There is a peace, a centeredness, a qualitative difference in the way I relate to others as well as myself.

Consider leaning toward your pain when it arises and make the choice to break free from the chains that bind you. Everything that happens in our lives is an opportunity for Awakening. Let go of defense, attack, and addictive tendencies that distract you. Embrace the pain and fear and invite your Guide to stand by your side. Feel the fear fully. Forgive the ones pushing your buttons and hold them with reverence and gratitude for the gifts they offer. Step out of the cage of your own making. Choose the gateway to freedom!

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

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