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Life Spiritual Practice

Life as Spiritual Practice

As many of you know, Scott and I view all of life as our spiritual practice. For many years, as a seeker of Truth, I separated “my life” from “my spiritual practice.” I would go to yoga, meditate, attend workshops, or read spiritual books that inspired me. I would then enter my life experiencing the same fears, anxieties, and problems. I would yearn for the next moment I could escape my life to find peace in the next class, meditation, or book.

I failed to realize that my life is my real-time opportunity to awaken to Truth. My life is a completely accurate reflection of the sum total of my thoughts and beliefs. What is hidden in the unconscious mind is projected out onto the stage of what I call “Lisa’s life.” Life doesn’t happen to us; it comes from us. We are not victims of the life we are experiencing; we are the creators of it. The acceptance of this truth is a gateway to liberation. It also means we must let go of victim mentality, something many of us have settled into as a way to distract ourselves from taking responsibility for the lives we are creating.

Here is a personal example of viewing my life as my spiritual practice. I have always had a feeling of not fitting into this world, the belief that I don’t belong. I maintain this in my mind and continue to experience it on the stage of my life. How? I do it mainly by putting up walls in one form or another between myself and others. This past week I had an opportunity to attend a Happy Hour that my hospice company invited all staff to attend. It was a thank-you for all of our hard work and dedication to the team. I was off that day and my immediate response when I saw the invitation was, I am not going. What’s funny is that this wasn’t even a thought, more like a knee-jerk reaction. I know I am not unique in this, as we all have habits and reactive tendencies based on our conditioning that just seem to happen. The day arrived and after a long open and transparent conversation with Scott about it, I realized this was an opportunity for spiritual practice. By not going, I would continue having feelings at work of not fitting in or belonging. By choosing to go and be with others to celebrate our accomplishments, I was making a statement to myself that I do belong. I went to the Happy Hour and enjoyed very much the time with my coworkers. I walked away with a feeling of connection and belonging.

My invitation to you is to begin to look at your entire life as your spiritual practice. This goes beyond any doctrine, dogma and religion to the heart of being spiritual beings all having a common human experience. What are the opportunities right in front of you, masquerading as problems/issues outside of you? The obstacles to Love or our True Identity show up daily in our lives. Let’s look at them with curiosity and humility, letting go of the belief that we are victims. Let’s choose to awaken together!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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