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premarital counseling

Support for All Your Relationships

Relationship Mentoring offers a safe and supportive environment where people can discover the full potential of a committed relationship.

We can help you if you relate to any of the following…

  • You desire loving relationships, but often find it difficult to form new relationships and maintain existing ones in a balanced way.
  • You feel disconnected emotionally from your partner and/or other people in your life.
  • You need skills and practices to help you in your relationships.
  • You are in a non-traditional relationship and looking for support.

Topics Covered in Relationship Mentoring:

  • Balance for everyday living
  • Strengths & areas for growth
  • Communication skills & conflict resolution
  • Boundaries
  • Personality differences
  • Family of origin issues
  • Financial planning, budgeting & money management
  • Values & goals
  • Guidance for mixed-faith relationships
  • Division of household chores
  • Love, romance & sex
  • Time spent participating in hobbies & social activities
  • Past relationships and friends
  • Extended family
  • Stressors, emotional triggers, & anger management
  • Relationship deal breakers & problem areas
  • Infidelity & trust issues
  • Advice for those in non-traditional relationships

1 | Premarital and Pre-Commitment Counseling

Many experts and recent research support what we’ve seen in our practice: “If you’re planning to get married or make a long-term commitment to a partner, counseling is one of the smartest ways to invest in the future of your relationship.” Scott will quickly tell you that premarital and pre-commitment counseling is not an end in itself. Nevertheless, he believes it’s a wise step to take as you enter deeper into your relationship, providing you with time to consider the future together in a creative and collaborative way.

Premarital and Pre-Commitment Counseling is for people who are preparing for marriage or long-term committed relationships. It’s also for people at an early stage in their relationships who may be considering marriage and engagement. Differences don’t have to be deal breakers. Many times working through some issues is necessary for partners to feel comfortable with commitment.

Begin premarital / pre-commitment counseling today by filling out the form on our contact page.

2 | Relationship Mentoring

We affirm that marriage or being in a long-term committed relationship has the potential to be a spiritual partnership, a vessel of transformation. Such a union is both sanctuary and crucible. When people endeavor to co-create safety in their relationships, it becomes possible to root out the “dark corners” of one’s psyche and offers fertile soil for awakening to one’s authentic self. This journey is the hero’s journey; it is not for the faint of heart. Love calls us to this deep soul work. And in a committed conscious relationship such work becomes the playground of the soul.

Relationship Mentoring is designed for people who see their relationships as spiritual partnerships and desire our support and companionship. In Relationship Mentoring, the functional areas of the relationship, the day-to-day activities, are seen as opportunities for transformation. People who invest in Relationship Mentoring see their relationship as a spiritual partnership.

Our role is to support, encourage, and mentor/guide you in discovering how to create a committed conscious relationship, one that provides you with an opportunity to feel safe and secure. It is from here that trust and intimacy emerge and you feel seen, heard, known, and loved. Such a relationship becomes the catalyst for ultimate wellness, transformation, and awakening.

These two options are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary, especially for people who see their relationships as a spiritual partnerships. Both services support people in experiencing the ultimate realities of love and unity, as well as freedom through intimacy.

We’ll provide you with relationship essentials (e.g. skills, tools, and practices) to support you creating a beautiful relationship, a vessel for transformation.

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