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spiritual guidance

Spiritual Guidance

We can help you if you relate to any of the following…

  • You find that the faith you grew up with or didn’t grow up with no longer serves you.
  • You desire a safe place to explore spiritual questions and your relationship with God/Divine.
  • You feel a longing to connect with God/Divine but don’t know how.
  • You want help discerning obstacles that may make it difficult to hear from God/Divine.
  • You’d like to learn about various spiritual practices and how to create your own unique spiritual practice.
  • You’d like to create a ritual/ceremony as a way to add meaning to the spiritual moments in your life.
  • You’re experiencing blocks in your spirituality and/or in the midst of a spiritual crisis.
  • You’re angry at God/Divine and perhaps feel God is angry at you.
  • You want to experience the blessing of inner peace regardless of your circumstances.
  • You want help understanding God/Divine’s will for your life.

We offer spiritual counseling and guidance, sometimes referred to as spiritual companioning or spiritual direction. We provide a safe and supportive place for those looking to explore their relationship with the Transcendent (aka the Divine, Source, Universe, Love, Mystery of Life, Higher Power, True Self, Ground of Being, God, etc.)

We affirm that God/Divine is Love, and you my friend are an extension of that Love, created in the image and likeness of the Divine. It is from here that together we create a space where you might journey into the reality that God/Divine is for you, not against you, discover your True Self, and partake in the mystery that is Divine Love.

As your spiritual guide, we walk with you on this sacred journey as a soul friend, listening attentively as you deepen in your relationship with God/Divine. Our time together is about your soul work and spiritual growth. It’s a place to explore the questions above as well as others and will focus on areas like:

  • How to open your soul to God/Divine and to allow God/Divine to begin the transformation process within you.
  • How to prepare your mind and soul to receive illumination and inspiration from God/Divine.
  • How to find connection to God/Divine that transforms and enlivens your soul.

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Deepen your relationship with God/Divine and your True Self.

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