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Whole Health Coaching

We can help you if you relate to any of the following…

  • You long to break free from limiting beliefs.
  • You want to identify and set goals to help you reach your dreams.
  • You feel burnt out and struggle to find balance with the all the demands of work and life.
  • You want more physical energy.
  • You have a long term health condition/disability.
  • You’re burdened with feelings of fear, shame, guilt, resentment, and anger, etc.
  • You find it difficult to express your feelings and needs.
  • You want to experience passion, pleasure, and play in your life.
  • You find yourself losing your faith and/or are in the midst of a spiritual crisis.

Whole Health Coaching is for anyone who’s looking for a safe and supportive environment to discover and claim your inherent worth and value. Together, we explore your dreams and aspirations in various areas of your life, whether personal or professional. It’s an opportunity to take your life to the next level with newfound passion, purpose, and meaning.

As we pursue this, we often hear messages from within and without that can block us from our full potential. Together, we’ll identify the obstacles that may be getting in your way and create strategies to develop new mindsets and practices that align with who you truly are.

Whole Health Coaching generally focuses on goals in areas including:

  • Diet & exercise
  • Sleep / rest & rejuvenation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mindset, mindfulness, & motivation
  • Relationships
  • Relational intimacy
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Boundaries
  • Self-care
  • Stress management
  • Work-life balance / purpose
  • Environment / surroundings
  • Personal growth & development
  • Leadership development
  • Creativity & inspiration
  • Projects
  • Brainstorming
  • Finances
  • Life transitions

Other areas to explore may include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Increasing confidence
  • Identification of dreams
  • Finding purpose
  • Values clarification
  • Intention setting
  • Guided imagery
  • Meditation / prayer
  • Healing touch
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Spiritual practice
  • Spiritual blocks
  • Faith reconstruction
  • Life rituals / ceremonies

We’ll support you in creating a life filled with meaning and purpose by helping you discover what matters to you versus what’s the matter with you.

Whole Health is an alternative health care philosophy. In a broader context, this phrase also describes a lifestyle and way of being. In both cases, Whole Health indicates the working towards and ultimately achieving a sustainable healthy balance in all aspects (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) of a person’s life. – Tami Brady

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