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Sex Intimacy Conscious Relationship Retreat

Sex and Intimacy in Conscious Relationships

Scott and I just returned from a beautiful, heart-opening, and emotionally moving retreat-training held at Elysium Lodge Retreat in Oregon City, OR. Love Coach Academy’s Emily Orum and Scott Catamas teamed up with Sex Positive World’s Gabriella Cordova and John Sickler to bring a unique offering called, Sex and Intimacy in Conscious Relationship: Moving from Shame, Fear and Guilt to Passion, Pleasure, and Play. We spent a week in conscious community where we took off our masks and allowed ourselves to be truly seen.

Within the safety of this community we entered into a process transformation as we shared both transparently and vulnerably with one another. From this, we both experienced greater levels of self-awareness. We found ourselves surrounded by new and old friends, a tribe of healer-warriors, who embraced us with unconditional love and acceptance. This experience has brought us to a place of deeper connection to ourselves and to one another.

Retreats have a way of continuing to work through us long after the actual experience ends. We don’t know what that will look like, yet we welcome the further unfolding and process of integration.

We both remain committed to doing our own work and to our relationship. Our most intimate relationships stir us at a soul level, offering us potential for deeper and deeper levels of healing medicine when we allow them to work their magic in our lives. As the dark corners within our own psyches open to healing, the more comfortable and safe we become with our partners. This is where the beauty and potential lies for true transformation when we choose the conscious path together.

If you are interested in learning more about emotional intelligence and learning tools, skills, and practices to increase your ability to have healthy and thriving relationships, be sure to reach out to us at Interface.

Be sure to check out Scott Catamas and Emily Orum of Love Coach Academy as well. They have an online course called Relationship Essentials. To sign up go to: We highly recommend it!

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