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Spring Cleaning, Lent Fast

Spring Cleaning

As a chaplain, I administer ashes once a year to veterans. Even many non-Christian veterans appreciate the symbolism behind this ritual. You may have a variety of thoughts and feelings about the season of Lent, some of which may trip you up. Consider this, it’s a time to reflect about one’s mortality and priorities. It’s a time for “spring cleaning” within and without.

Do you want to fast this Lent?
–In the words of Pope Francis

Fast from hurting words and say kind words.
Fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude.
Fast from anger and be filled with patience.
Fast from pessimism and be filled with hope.
Fast from worries and have trust in God.
Fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity.
Fast from bitterness and fill your hearts with joy.
Fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others.
Fast from grudges and be reconciled.
Fast for word to be silent so you can listen.

“Remember that your dust, and to dust you shall return. God bless you and have a Holy Lent.”

Photo by Shalom Mwenesi on Unsplash

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