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Being authentic and having real relationships is my main priority in life. Yet, it is also a very challenging practice for me. My past pain and well-engrained behaviors tend to keep me from fully experiencing what I want.

Scott and Interface provide a very beautiful container for having the discussions that help me to see where I am at vs. where I want to be in terms of having these kinds of relationships. He is gentle, open, loving and very attentive to me and my energy AND to the guidance he receives that can help me in my pursuits.

Scott’s gifts also include being able to hone in both on what I am saying and what I am REALLY saying and he helps me see things from a higher perspective. He also provides clear direction on what my next steps could be in my quest to feel closer and closer to God, myself and others. These are challenging discussions but Scott makes them feel light and fun and very meaningful and his intention to help from a place of genuinely caring is evident from the start.

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