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When I first met Scott I didn’t realize what a part he could/would play in my life. He came in as a customer, one who happened to leave more than a generous tip … $100. Luckily he was still there and we were able to fix that mishap!

After building a relationship with Scott I found that he is a life coach, spiritual guide/counselor and the founder of Interface 4 Wellness. I then did some work with him, which I found very beneficial. For example, I learned different breathing techniques for centering and grounding, tools for relieving stress, and ways to ensure I didn’t overdo it energy wise.

Unfortunately due to financial reasons I had to discontinue our sessions. Scott and I have maintained a relationship though and he is truly a kind and loving person who cares for those he works with, both on a professional and personal level! I continue to recommend him to those looking for coaching/counseling.

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