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Scott has been an immense help with me in overcoming struggles I experience in my daily life. He has taught me how to value personal relationships and work through conflict with empathy.

Scott is an outstanding listener and provides new perspective to everyday circumstances. Our work together has given me more insight into my daily actions than previous counselors with whom I have worked. I highly recommend Scott as a counselor and a life coach.

Scott recently joined me on an emotional journey. It felt as if he took my hand and walked with me through a very emotional time. Never did I feel like Scott was pulling me or leading me in a predetermined direction. Rather, he encouraged me, talked with me, and when asked offered helpful suggestions on how to find peace and clarity. Scott is gentle, kind, and has the kind of wisdom you get from life experience combined with his unique and varied education. He is truly a gift.

Scott worked with me and my significant other to learn more about each other and navigate difficult situations. Scott was very supportive compassionate and patient in his his work with us. I also enjoyed learning about compassionate communication through the resources he provided for us.

When I first met Scott I didn’t realize what a part he could/would play in my life. He came in as a customer, one who happened to leave more than a generous tip … $100. Luckily he was still there and we were able to fix that mishap!

After building a relationship with Scott I found that he is a life coach, spiritual guide/counselor and the founder of Interface 4 Wellness. I then did some work with him, which I found very beneficial. For example, I learned different breathing techniques for centering and grounding, tools for relieving stress, and ways to ensure I didn’t overdo it energy wise.

Unfortunately due to financial reasons I had to discontinue our sessions. Scott and I have maintained a relationship though and he is truly a kind and loving person who cares for those he works with, both on a professional and personal level! I continue to recommend him to those looking for coaching/counseling.

We booked Scott and Lisa to facilitate a series of Compassionate Communication Workshops for our Center of Universal Light community. We found them to be not only easy to work with, but also extremely masterful teachers of life communication skills. Scott and Lisa are individually compassionate communicators and together make a powerful and authentic team to guide those with whom they work. CUL is looking forward to your return!

InterFace 4 Wellness creates such a safe place for healing on many levels. Scott Bennion is a super-authentic, heart-centered leader in spiritual and practical relationship matters. Lisa Rose created a field of beauty around my situation and guided me to find my own answers. Together they exude passion for their work and love for everyone they come in contact with. Although I wasn’t asked, I want to recommend Scott and Lisa’s InterFace 4 Wellness to anyone who wants to find long-lasting and practical answers to relationship issues!

Scott Bennion and Lisa Rose are an amazing couple who give so much of their heart and minds to helping others! I have so much enjoyed their seminars and I love the openness and authenticity they bring which helps others to come out of their shells of fear or shame and blossom openly to new possibilities of happiness and fulfillment! I thank both of you so much for all your good work!

Lisa and Scott are an amazing example for a couple loving and living a conscious relationship! They exude love!!! And are skilled in the ways of holding space.

I have gone through some major life challenges in the past year, all considered to be life changing. Through these trying times I was able to reach out and receive some of the best support, mentoring, and compassion I’ve ever encountered. When I look back I don’t know how I would have made it through without having a resource like Scott and Interface.

Scott is a wonderful resource for any life situation you may be going through. He is genuinely caring and will give you top notch support and strong mentoring, regardless of your situation.

What impressed me most was Scott’s ability to quickly grasp where I was coming from with great empathy. He then suggested simple ideas that got me out of the funk I was in and to a healthier way of being.

This guy right here. He’s got a heart of gold and a seemingly endless supply of compassion, empathy and patience. Scott has been an amazing source of support, caring and understanding as he’s helped guide me through many challenges. Most importantly, the way in which he reflects back to me has been nothing short of transformational.

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